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I'm very excited to finally release a new song! Music-wise, last year didn't go to plan. It's okay though, onwards and upwards! We're starting this year right by releasing a new track. It's called He Set Himself On Fire.

I wrote it about the constant need for attention online, and the lengths some people will go to to get it. It's a simple song but I enjoyed the recording process.


It didn’t really matter

His world was all inside

He wanted some attention

But he set his world on fire

Set his world on fire

Set his world on fire

When water would surround him

He’d swear that he was dry

You gave him some attention

So he set himself on fire

Set himself on fire

Set himself on fire

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  • Tom Morris

Yesterday, (Friday 8th January 2021) I was featured in Jim Gellatly's 'New Music' column in the Scottish Sun!

It was really surreal to see myself in a national newspaper.

I'm really happy and proud of the article that Jim wrote. You can read it here:


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  • Tom Morris

I'd like to wish you all a really happy new year, and wish you all the best for 2021. 2020 wasn't the greatest was it? With Covid-19 and the lockdown, it was a tough time for all of us. I was lucky enough to be able to work from home, and spend time with the family. I also used the time to write new songs and, to be honest, I probably wouldn't releasing music now if it wasn't for that. So, negatives can be turned into positives if you have the mindset.

Goals for this year? I've been working on recording my debut album, and I hope to have that completed early in the year. No release date as yet. I've got a title for the album and I'll reveal that later. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that the latest lockdown is lifted soon and we can start to think about gigging again.

That's all for now, but take care and I'll speak to you all again soon!


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