• Tom Morris

'Take Care, You're Doomed!' - released 11/12/2020

My 3rd single, Take Care, You're Doomed! is will released on the 11th of December 2020.

It will be available to listen to on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, YouTube and a load of other streaming sites.

BUT it's also available to pre-order on Bandcamp for just £1. To add more value to that, you'll get to stream and download the B-side - How Many?

'How Many?' is a simple little acoustic piece that I wrote with the intention of recording it with all the usual bells and whistles, so this acoustic version is a bit of a one-off. It's a song I'll be recording proplery in the future if you like it, so let me know.

Since I never released The Dark Hours or Keep Time properly, I'd really like to reach as many people as possible. I'd be really grateful if any of you guys who use Spotify could take a minute to follow me on there. The more followers I have, the more I'll get my music listened to.

I really hope you all enjoy the new single when it comes out!

Take care!


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